What is organic digital marketing?

Organic marketing ideally refers to every marketing tactic outside of paid ads and strategies. 

Getting Organic traffic is every eCommerce seller’s dream. It is acquired when your website’s visitors visit your site without entering your site address through any paid sources. Organic traffic thus can be earned and come from unpaid sources contrary to direct traffic that comes when visitors actually type your specific website’s URL into their web browser. 

Organic content helps you build trust with customers, improve conversions, generate cost-effective leads, and significantly improve your search engine optimisation (SEO). Remember, content is at the core of an organic marketing strategy as it can help you generate some serious traffic.

6 reasons why an organic marketing strategy is important for eCommerce stores

  • Increases Sales

Today 89 % of online users use search engines to make a purchase decision

Note that people in your area and around you are using the Google search engine to look for products that you sell. So, organic traffic is too important for increasing sales. Use SEO to get it.

  • Finds New customers

High quality content on your website along with a good SEO strategy can draw organic traffic to your stores from long-tail keywords that you have never even thought of using.

Purchasers often use long-tail keywords the closer the customer gets to a buying decision.

  • Delivers Long-Term Results

Most of the digital marketing strategies that are used to generate sales in your eCommerce store are designed to get immediate results.

SEO will bring organic traffic to your website over the medium and long-term prospectus.

  • It involves little or no Cost

Increasing sales through organic traffic is usually the most cost-effective option available than paid advertising campaigns or other methods of digital marketing as it involves no or very few investments.

  • Helps to stay Competitive

If you don’t target organic traffic, your competitors will rank in higher positions than you in a Google search. To beat them, you need a strong SEO strategy that will improve your search page rank higher and get more organic traffic to your website.

  • Improves User Experience

To get organic traffic to your website, you need to implement an SEO strategy and SEO best practices. This will indeed enhance the customer’s user experience which will, in turn, generate more sales for your eCommerce store.

Drive organic traffic with these budget free organic advertising tips 

According to a report published by Search Engine Journal, 53% of all trackable website traffic comes from organic searches. 

There are several ways to drive online traffic to your small business website — all of which require little to no money at all.

1. Upsurge your online presence with social media.

To acquire traffic from the very start of your business, you’ll need to build brand awareness and create excitement for your product. All thanks to the increased use of mobile devices and smartphones which has today become the fastest way to get the word out via social media. It is also a cost-effective option since it’s free to use!

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful components of driving online traffic as it allows you to directly engage with your potential customers. 

The most popular social media platforms include Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Snapchat, and Twitter. Focus your marketing efforts on the platform where you find your target audience most active. For brands targeting Gen Z and millennials, Instagram is a popular choice. Also, study your competing brands or bloggers and influencers’ postings to get an idea of how to market your brand and your products in the social space. Build a community for your product awareness on your social handles.

2. Explore with email marketing

Another way to drive traffic to your store is by building your email newsletter list and leveraging email marketing to communicate with your customers.

As per the CMI research, 72% of marketers consider email marketing as the most effective marketing tool to drive organic traffic to their website.

Another research by Statista found that there were more than 3.9 billion email users globally in 2019, and is expected to grow to 4.3 billion by 2023.

Make sure your customers have an option to enter their contact information on the homepage on your website, to subscribe to your e-newsletter.

Collecting an email list is one task — the next is creating an eye-catching, value-adding newsletter. 

 Email marketing and e-newsletters can be used for these uses:

  • To spread the news about upcoming events.
  • To announce upcoming promotions 
  • To educate new customers on your loyalty program or offer incentives to first time buyer.
  • To share high-performing content from your social network handles.
  • To send automated abandoned cart notifications.

Email marketing can have a seriously positive effect on your eCommerce conversion rates and, ultimately help you grow your business.

3. Utilise SEO resources.

Search Engine Optimisation SEO is the skill of driving organic traffic to the eCommerce website through search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo!, and more. Google is obviously the most popularly used search engine worldwide as it owns more than 95% of the search engine market share.

Search engine rankings are most important for small businesses trying to build online traffic. On an average, one person completes a Google search at least 3-4 times per day.

To rank on top of the SERP for key terms focus on:

  • Your domain name
  • Using a keyword research tool, like Clearscope when creating content
  • Analyse SEO performance on Google Analytics regularly,
  • And, if you can try pay-per-click (PPC) and campaign performance in Google Ad words.

SEO also help you get a full view of where you need optimisation on your site. 

4. Manage your promotional strategy.

For today’s millennials and Gen Z customers, the number1 incentive to purchase is offering a sale or a promotion.

So, leverage the right balance when you integrate promotions into your online marketing strategy. Try these ideas:

  • Go the traditional way and offer discounts and coupons on major retail holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  • Launch a loyalty program or offer freebie products on more they purchase, or
  • Create bundles and kits – where customers can save money on purchasing selective products together.

5. Local marketing.

As per statistics, a 45% increase in online traffic is observed after launching a brick-and-mortar store. Local marketing has gained importance after consumers started shifting to an experience-driven world. If not brick-and-mortar store or a pop-up spot, there are also many other ways to leverage local marketing. Precisely, like social media! Yes, it’s free and it’s quite simple too – just post relevant content, tag a location. The algorithm will include your posts to those who are in that area and expose you to potential buyers from that location.

Hiring an influencer or hosting an influencer trip can also be a great way to leverage local marketing. Along with gaining traffic from influencers, you’ll expose your small business to potential customers in the city.

Local SEO opportunities can also help. Make efforts for your brick-n-motor store to appear in Google Maps. If not, create a location for your business to capitalise on where your business is from.

6. Use your connections.

When you are launching your online business, tap into your network to spread the news by word-of-mouth, on social media (like LinkedIn), or sending an email to your family and friends. Also try and expand your brand awareness to new horizons.

Spread this information about your small business to generate some online traffic. 

  • Your website’s domain name,
  • Your social media accounts,
  • A hashtag to share on social media,
  • A share link to catalog highlighting your product pages,

7. Create a buzz.

It’s about time to create more buzz around your brand once you have launched your website. Opt for a press release or blog post, pitch to local newspapers and magazines – or even create pitches on local news or radio station. Content to share to create buzz must include your brand name, vision, mission and purpose, your product assortment, some statistics, and also mention where customers can find your store (e.g. offline location, upcoming event, website).

  • YouTube Channel

This popular Google platform also functions as a widespread search engine, so its highly worth putting effort into optimising your website content on it. More video views mean more exposure and traffic to your website. Again, YouTube videos also pop on Google’s search results.

To ensure proper exposure for your videos, create quality content that actually provides value in your niche. For this, take advantage of YouTube’s textual elements and use relevant keyword phrases in your video titles and descriptions. 

  • Partnerships and Affiliates

Organic traffic also relies greatly on partnerships and affiliate marketing, especially for small businesses. These are usually non-competitive brands that operate in the same niche and offer a complementary product or service to the same visitors. They act as your brand ambassadors and help spreading the word for your business to the relevant audience.

Such business relationships benefit both sides and can impact majorly on growth of your business. 

Go Organic Now

Organic traffic includes everyone who clicks to your website from Google search results pages SERPs, and also those who click on your paid ads. The more traffic driven to your store, the bigger the chances of making sales. 

Organic traffic can work wonders for the success of the marketing strategy that you choose to implement in your eCommerce business. Finally, organic marketing is all about developing connections, nurturing your existing clients, and most importantly – being creative.  

Start leveraging the magic of organic traffic and sales will reach new heights!



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