All online shoppers are visual creatures, given that the senses of touch, taste and smell are shelved in the online retail shopping experience, and shoppers have to rely only on the audio and visual cues to experience the product online.

Visual commerce is one of the most rising trends in the eCommerce business and most retailers today are leveling up their games when it comes to visual commerce.

What is Visual Commerce?

Visual commerce is defined as the concept of enhancing the customer experience with powerful, inspiring, and alluring visual content that encourages shoppers to engage, buy and form a liking for a brand or online retailer. It includes all the possibilities that a brand utilizes; product images, branded visuals & even amplified reality to assist shoppers in making the selection of the products and services.

With Visual Commerce you’re taking the “normal” visuals that visitors expect when they visit an online store to the next level.


67% of customers find high-resolution visuals more impactful than text-based product explanations. 

Some enchanting facts

  • 67% of customers find high-resolution visuals more impactful than text-based product explanations.
  • 85% of all web traffic is already blooming on video in 2022.
  • Online customers who watch product videos are 1.8 times more attracted to buy than non-watchers.
  • Retailers claim an overall 40% boost in purchases with product videos on their store.

These statistics are proof that the era of Visual Commerce is the need of the hour for e-commerce businesses to capitalise on this trend.

Why does visual commerce matter for online retailers?     

With eCommerce becoming a heavily trafficked space, your potential customers need to be able to see your product as much as possible, whether it’s through visual products, creatively designed videos, 360-degree views in 3D dimensions, or even a combination of all.

Today all online brands are undoubtedly investing heavily in creating more and more engaging visuals on their landing page to display their products and/or services that can attract, indulge and change the window shoppers into customers.

  • Visual created content works best for retention. People are most likely to remember 80% of things they see as opposed to 10% of things they hear and 20% of the things they read.
  • Fascinating and captivating visuals and great product page designs catch 94% more views than basic visuals.
  • 67% of consumers find high-quality visual content more important than product descriptions or customer ratings.
  • Shoppers who watch videos are 1.8 times more likely to purchase than non-viewers and retailers have reported a 40% increase in purchases due to videos.
  • 84% of millennial shoppers say that visual UGC influences their purchase plans.
  • Visual eCommerce technique helps to cross sell, build consumers trust and boost overall eCommerce Performance and can significantly impact the customer’s decisions.
  • Visual commerce is cost effective and supports eCommerce businesses to improve conversion rate, engagement rate, sales volume, and expansion in the eCommerce market.

How can eCommerce Stores use Visual Commerce to their advantage?


With 360° product views, conversion rates for some products witnessed an increase of 40%.

Listed below are a few important visual content options to consider while adapting Visual commerce to your online store.

  • 360° Product View

This type of visual content helps create an in-person experience of holding a physical product in your hands and examining it from all angles. With 360° product views, conversion rates for some products witnessed an increase of 40%.

  • Instructional explanatory Videos

Instructional videos go beyond the physical descriptions and visual appearance of an item to show exactly how that product works. It provides additional, engaging information on the product, and lets your customers imagine using them. 73% of shoppers are more likely to purchase a product or service after viewing an explanatory video.

  • User Generated Content UGC

Visual user generated content, or UGC, adds an added value to the digital representation of your product on your online store: Types of proof like encouraging users to share their images using the product and add to your database of visual content gives added comfort and information to others considering the same purchase. The UGC strategy is a win-win for all; your customers are happy to be featured on social networking sites, your products get more noticeable on social media posts, and you get extra visual content for your site and your marketing campaigns.

  • Virtual Reality

An augmented and virtual reality product demonstration can provide a user experience identical to in-person shopping far more realistically than a 360° product image view. Fresh studies show that customers are more comfortable with online shopping if they can try out a product in a virtual manner.

Shortly, to keep above your competitors and flourish in the growing eCommerce space, you need to have a well incorporated visual commerce strategy today by taking simple steps, like:

  • Adding engaging videos on your eCommerce product pages
  • Encouraging customers to share images or videos and write reviews creating user-generated content.
  • Showcasing customer pictures using your product in action, re-sharing these images on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and others.
  • Staying advanced with the latest Instagram marketing tips and strategies

Finally use a visual commerce platform powered by Adobe Commerce to curate user images and display them on your website’s product page.


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