If you are a retailer, you need to know about an endless aisle and its benefits

A modern customer journey in 21st century, requires much more than a brick-and-mortar retailer. And to meet the needs of contemporary customers, brands need to create multiple digital touchpoints throughout their purchasing journeys and beyond. According to a study conducted by IHL Group, retailers are losing nearly $1 trillion because they don’t have on hand what customers want to buy in their stores.  “An out-of-stock situation includes empty shelves, failure to find staff to help, found staff, but not merchandise etc.” [i] On the one hand, this is a sad thing to hear for cash-minded retailers, but on the other hand, there is an endless aisle, simple path to uninterrupted sales flow through the omnichannel offerings.

What is an Endless Aisle?

An endless aisle is the digital solution that allows shoppers to order products from the inventory in a single in-store interaction, decreasing the number of lost sales and providing a high-level retail experience. Whether it is online, in-store or out-of-stock, with an endless commerce, complete inventory of products is always available to customer.

To put it simply, an endless aisle is the in-store kiosk that allows to search and order products that are not available in the shop. Through the endless aisle, retail shoppers can place orders online and pick up the products from physical stores. Oh, and yes, one does not need to place an actual kiosk in store, it can be done through the tablets.

An endless aisle is a strategic technology that helps different brands to overcome inventory and sales reps related issues, along with infrastructural challenges.

Next-level customer Experience

Successful consumer journey is about delivering an effective control of all the activities that help customers acquire products, services, and experiences they want from your physical or digital retail stores. Future of retail is promising for those who are willing to embrace change. Whether it is a software, hardware, database, eCommerce, or POS platforms, an effective retail management should include a technology that empowers customer experience.

In 2021, approximately 70% of customers in the UK expected their shopping behaviour to change in some way, compared to previous years.[ii] With some of them preferring to pay less visits to physical stores, exploring new online stores or buying products online that they would have previously bought in stores. According to Repsly, 37% of consumers who cannot find desired item in stock, will buy from a different brand. [iii] An endless isle will help you to build an exceptional customer experience, through delivering speedy and thorough inventory information. Consider it in your upcoming retail strategy or watch your customers purchasing at your competitors’ stores.  

Increased Conversion

More product availability reduces the risk of real-world cart abandonment. According to Forrester Research Inc. retailers employing endless commerce secure approximately 10% of retail store sales. When customers can’t find the item, they are looking for, they choose not to wait. And more than 17% of consumers use their smart phones to make an immediate purchase at a competitor’s website, 37% order the product online when they get home and 35% just surf through different stores.[iv]

In short, customers are out there, and they are ready to buy, but you need to make sure they do not click across to competitors. And endless isle is the way to do it.

Increased Loyalty

An endless aisle integration in stores is an efficient way of capturing data from already well engaged audiences or potential consumers. It is an excellent way of increasing a retailer’s marketing database, which can be targeted later with seasonal marketing campaigns.

With endless aisle technology, you can add additional value through creating exclusive offers for loyal customers.

In short, with an endless aisle there is a brighter future for retailers. At 247 Commerce, we have a dedicated team of developers who can help you build an endless commerce technology. As an official partner of Adobe and BigCommerce, we have experience of integrating cross-platform, high-end solutions.

We work hard to deliver innovative e-solutions for our clients and are ready to consult.

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