And the most joyful time of the year is closely approaching. 

Make way for Christmas! Ho! Ho. 

Put on your thinking caps and make your brands shine on this major holiday of the year. Create a sense of urgency by providing good deals for your loyal customers. Reach out to new, old, and returning customers with amazing Christmas offers, discounts, and special products and boost your online revenue.

To really stand out during these times, a super effective digital marketing strategy is all that your businesses need for competing with other brands and for new and existing customers’ attention. 

Why is a Christmas Marketing strategy important?

Check out some interesting insights to know the answer.

  • According to GlobeSt, in 2021, experts predicted that online retail sales will reach 16.3% of total retail sales and it will hit 18.3% in 2023 and 19.9% by 2025. 
  • eMarketer study also stated that by 2022, retail sales from eCommerce will be 16.3% of total retail sales.
  • CNBC says that the brick-and-mortar store sales on Saturday before Christmas 2020 dropped by 40.9% from the previous year.

Christmas eCommerce marketing strategies to boost sales 2022

After the successful Black Friday and Cyber Monday – the biggest online shopping days, it’s time to boost our Christmas sales too with proper planning and marketing strategies.

  • Get Your Website Christmas ready

Change the colours of your site a little bit to add up to the Christmas decorations touch to your logo, changing product or service images and descriptions that fit the seasonal mood. 

Many CMS like WordPress and Shopify have free plugins that you can activate with just a few clicks to design Christmas-themed assets for your site.

  • Christmas Products and Bundles

Give your product a Christmas twist to make it more appealing to potential customers during the holiday season sale. You can create Christmas product bundles, decorate your product images with some sort of Christmas add-ons like ribbons, stars, or glitter or you can also offer gift wrapping service for the purchase, with customisable cards creating gift offers.

  • Christmas Sale is ON!

One of the most attractive things to promote seasonal sales and draw the visitor’s attention is offers, deals, and sale discounts that shoppers won’t get at any other time of the year. 

Keeping in mind, this time customers really enjoy Christmas gifting habits, you can apply 2×1 discounts, big price reductions on selected products, free shipping, and after-sale services for better Christmas shopping experiences

  • Channels to Use During your Christmas Marketing Campaigns

Once you are ready with the amazing Christmas promotions, sales, discounts, gifts, offers, and special product bundles that you will be offering for Christmas, it’s time to let your audience know about everything you have prepared for them. Try these:

Web Push Notifications Campaigns

Christmas Email Marketing Campaigns

Live Chat

A Christmas Landing Page 

Use a branded Christmas hashtag

Leverage SMS marketing

Create user- interactive content

All in all, combine the channels with the strategies that best fit your brand to engage with your target audience and boost your revenue!

7 Christmas campaign ideas for social media marketing of your eCommerce business 

On an average, a person spends over two and a half hours on social media. This makes it one of the most visible advertising platforms this Christmas season. Now that we know how we can adopt the best eCommerce practices, let’s learn how can we leverage social media to boost our Christmas sales.  

1.Boost brand awareness with aspirational Christmas decor 

  • Use inspirational Christmas decor photos 
  • Use high-resolution photos that show ‘the perfect Christmas items’ 
  • Feature your products in the photo 
  • Use your brand colours in the Christmas photo 
  • Create your own Christmas hashtags
  • Spread the word of mouth with influencer marketing. 

2.Reach more shoppers with the right Christmas Hashtags

Christmas hashtags are an essential element to boost Christmas campaigns on social media. Here are a few ways to use hashtags in your Christmas social media campaigns: 

  • Keep the hashtag short, simple, and branded
  • Use trending hashtags for Twitter and Instagram. Use Hashtag Finders like  
  • Create a few of Christmas Hashtags including your brand name.
  • Limit yourself to 1 hashtag for Facebook, 5 for LinkedIn and Twitter, and max 30 for Instagram post and Instagram stories.

3.Use social media to promote your Christmas Discounts

People always look out for good Christmas deals on festive seasons making discounts around Christmas time a very effective strategy. Selling more products at a reduced price is better than selling less and being overstocked after Christmas passes.

Tips for how to use social media to offer a discount:

  • Giveaways – offer a free gift to the first 50 customers that make a purchase from your online store;
  • Create a fun Christmas-themed graphic presenting a flat –% OFF discount code on the Christmas collection on your online store.
  • Trend the Day-before sales on social media to target last-minute shoppers who are yet to buy gifts. 

4.Organise 12 Days of Christmas Giveaway

To get attention during the competitive business atmosphere of the holiday, create 12 mini-competitions or giveaways which give your audience a chance to win every day.

  1. Announce 12 Days of Christmas giveaways on your social handles by 12 December
  2. Promote user-generated content– all with a special #branded #hashtag 
  3. Announce the winner of the day every day 
  4. Give a special extra gift for the person who participates on most of the 12 days 

5.Support Nonprofits 

Even something simple like giving away 10% of sales to any charitable trust/ nonprofit organisations can establish an extra incentive for people to engage and buy.

6.Notify with Scarcity

Most customers tend to buy products faster when they are encountered with elements of scarcity such as real-time stock counters or cut-off dates.

So update your followers via social media with the number of units left for faster purchases.

7.Offer Holiday Bundles

If you want ALL your channels to get more followers, advertise your brand to new people and provide coupons that only apply to bundles. Select the right products for bundling that are popular, ensure that the items you bundle together are relevant and useful when combined, and finally pay attention to the pricing of the bundle. 

Make your eCommerce business ready for Christmas

Now that you’ve got some Christmas eCommerce ideas, it’s time to start putting your Christmas eCommerce campaign together. With nearly eight billion currently alive, there’s no shortage of customers, it’s just a matter of doing the right Christmas campaign marketing in an effective manner.

Follow our tips to create a cracking campaign for Christmas that boosts sales and generates new customers for your eCommerce business. 


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