The commerce of tomorrow has taken off. And to succeed in your commerce game, you need to shift to the eCommerce platform that can scale your business.

Retailers have always faced endless challenges to succeed and grow both in-store and online. Demanding shoppers, uneven buying habits, continuous technology modifications, and ever-increasing competition— all these factors are forcing merchants to be more agile and adapt to the latest commerce landscape. 

To stay ahead, you need to provide seamless experiences across all touch-points, make the most of your data, provide personalised and enjoyable shopping experiences, and build strong, long-term customer relationships. For this, you need to choose the right eCommerce platform like Adobe Commerce; that is robust, scalable and that allows you to deploy unified, personalised, compelling purchasing experiences. You need a comprehensive and flexible cloud-based solution to increase efficiency and opportunities for futuristic growth. 

Why Replatforming?

At a time when customers can order almost any product they want from huge marketplaces like Amazon, Alibaba, etc. it is almost impossible for merchants to compete against these giants. Thus, only an exceptional shopping experience will make customers buy from a particular shop on a long-term basis.

  • Migrate for Faster Growth

Re-platform to leave a lasting impression and a flexible cloud-based eCommerce experience your customers expect and your business needs.

  • For Seamless Shopping 

Your customers need an unmatched commerce experience, so to face the future and enjoy flexibility, re-platforming is important.

  • To Modernise Your eCommerce Site

To deliver a seamless shopping experience, you need a tried-and-tested Cloud-based platform with unmatched reliability, flexibility, and scalability. It must have Progressive Web Apps (PWA) solution, easy integration, access to an AI-powered Adobe Sensei tool, and free 24/7 support.

  • Site Speed

One of the main reasons why shoppers leave without purchasing is longer loading times. In fact, the first five seconds of page-load time have the highest impact on conversion rates. (Portent, 2019)

  • Faster Payment Process

The entire shopping experience needs to be streamlined including a fast payment process.

  • Intuitive User Experience

Manage your commerce shop easily with no coding skills or IT resources at your fingertips.

  • Enhanced Mobile Friendly experience

Customers can get the same shopping experience on mobile, thanks to PWAs.

Things to consider while re-platforming:

  • Deliver Better Shopping Experiences 

-Choose customisable, responsive themes that provide an optimised starting point for your site.

-Content staging, preview, and schedule site updates to optimise your campaigns.

-Advanced page building that delivers powerful, intuitive content development capabilities.

-Pre-built integration with enterprise CMS services for better personalisation

  • Help Non-Technical Teams

-Content staging and preview for a simplified site update process.

-Intuitive administration panels with customisable user experiences to streamline work.

  • Drive Conversions 

-A easy two-step checkout and Instant Purchase option that speeds up order conversion.

-Enhanced PayPal buying experiences, faster checkouts through overlay windows.

  • Expand Your International Presence with Ease 

-Integrated Magento Shipping to provide easy access to global shippers.

-Global cloud service powers for quick expansion into new geographic regions.

  • Increase in Selling Capabilities 

– Seamlessly create new online sales opportunities with native B2B capabilities alongside B2C operations. 

-Virtually limitless third-party integrations with faster and more efficient APIs. 

  • Speed, Scalability, and Security enhancement

-Look for the best, most secure technology with faster-loading pages.

– 99.99% full stack SLA.

-Continuous software-hardware evaluation. 

  • Improvise Data Intelligence

– Magento Business Intelligence Essentials provides enterprise-grade analytics and insight from unified data sources 

-Seamless integration with Order Management while creating compelling omnichannel shopping experiences.

  • Rich Snippets

– Out-of-the-box snippets that allow merchants to display ratings, prices, and other markups in search engines. 

-Rich Snippets help improve the clickthrough rate to your website and boost SEO.

– Elasticsearch: to scale both horizontally and vertically and supports the world’s most common languages. 

– All required search functions must be built-in: search autocomplete, misspelling correction, searching by multiple content types. 

  • Easy Content Management

-Create, edit, and delete product updates for prices, page designs, descriptions, images, and categories as well as CMS content 

-Link up CMS/Product/Banner/Catalogue Rule/Cart Rule all to activate changes at the same time.

Why Adobe Commerce?

  • Adobe Commerce or (ex-Magento) offers an extraordinary and seamless shopping experience and much more. 
  • Its modular and modern architecture gives you the tools to adapt to rapidly changing competitive pressures and business needs. 
  • Its global content delivery network and secured cloud infrastructure offer unparalleled speed in the industry. 
  • Its 99.99% SLA means that services are operational for 99.99% of any given calendar month. 
  • It also offers cloud elasticity database scalability, integrations, and customisation, making it the ultimate platform for expanding your store’s capabilities and growth. 


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