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Listing Status Monitor

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Amazon Listing Status Monitor

The Amazon Listing Status Monitor can be found by clicking on Optimise > Amazon Inventory and then selecting the “Listing Monitor” button to the top left to be presented.

Click here to open Listing Status Monitor page.

Its purpose is to show you the status of all communications sent to Amazon. It makes discovering any submission errors easy allowing you to narrow down any issues to a specific batch ID.

To the top of the screen it is possible to filter what you would like to do based on a date range, the feed type, at an Amazon account level or by a specific batch ID if known.

247Cloudhub communicates with Amazon through the following feeds:

  • Quantity – a message with every active SKU in your inventory along with its stock availability is submitted approximately every 15-20 minutes to Amazon.
  • Price – upon changing or uploading a set of new prices into 247Cloudhub, it automatically creates a feed to submit the changes to Amazon as and when required.
  • Product – should you change the details of any product in 247Cloudhub, it will create a feed and submit it to Amazon for update.
  • Shipment – upon changing an order from Just Arrived or any other stage in Deliver to Dispatched 247Cloudhub will send a feed to Amazon to confirm the shipment and post any tracking details if courier labels were printed using the Deliver module.

Once you have searched for a specific feed using the filters provided, click on the “View Status” button for further information about its success or failure.

It will confirm exactly out of the records submitted how many were processed successfully, had warnings and whether the submission is Complete, Pending or Error.


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