The Rise of Advanced E-Commerce Tools

As e-commerce continues to grow, businesses are increasingly integrating third-party technologies to boost their capabilities. From visual merchandising to customer personalization, these tools are transforming the way online retail operates.

Visual Merchandising and Search Technologies

Visual merchandising tools like Advanced Commerce offer sophisticated business logic, blending machine learning with manual strategies. This approach allows e-commerce sites to provide personalized and engaging shopping experiences. Similarly, tools like Taglis and Kimonix are gaining traction for their advanced product sorting and recommendation capabilities.

No-Code Automation Platforms

Platforms like Alloy Automation are making waves in the e-commerce sector. By connecting various SaaS applications through APIs, these platforms facilitate complex workflows and data transfers between systems, enhancing operational efficiency.

In-Store Digital Technologies

Tools like MishiPay are bridging the gap between online and in-store experiences. By enabling customers to scan and pay for products using their smartphones, these technologies are reducing in-store queueing and improving the overall shopping experience.

3D Visualization and AR

The use of 3D visualization tools is on the rise, with platforms like Cylindo offering high-quality rendering for products like furniture and home decor. AR technologies from companies like Wanna Kicks and Tangibly are enhancing product interaction, particularly in the footwear and watch sectors, by allowing customers to virtually try on products.

Customer Service and Messaging Platforms

Platforms like Justuno are revolutionizing on-site customer messaging. By integrating with analytics tools, these platforms enable targeted messaging strategies that improve customer engagement and conversion rates.

Live Shopping Platforms

Live shopping technologies, such as Bamboozler, are creating immersive shopping experiences. These platforms allow customers to interact with products and sales staff in real-time, bringing the in-store experience online.


The integration of these emerging technologies into e-commerce platforms is reshaping the online retail landscape. By leveraging tools that enhance visual merchandising, automation, in-store digital experiences, 3D visualization, customer messaging, and live shopping, businesses can significantly improve their customer experience and operational efficiency.

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