The retail industry is rapidly embracing digital transformation, and marketing automation platforms like Voyado are at the forefront of this change. Voyado, a leading provider of customer experience platforms in the retail sector, offers comprehensive solutions to enhance customer engagement through multi-channel marketing, personalized promotions, and loyalty programs.

Understanding Voyado’s Market Position

Voyado is predominantly focused on serving the retail sector, catering to medium to large retailers. The platform is most effective for businesses with a significant online presence, typically those with around 100K monthly website visits. Notable UK clients include Jigsaw and Belstaff, showcasing Voyado’s capability to handle diverse retail needs.

Multi-Channel Marketing: The SMS Revolution

In recent years, there has been a significant uptick in the use of SMS as a marketing channel in the UK. Voyado’s platform enables retailers to implement SMS for both service notifications and proactive marketing efforts. The platform’s integration with e-commerce systems ensures seamless campaign execution, where the choice of channel (SMS or email) is based on the campaign’s purpose and cost considerations.

Personalization and Promotions

Personalization in marketing is more than just product recommendations; it encompasses the timing of messages, price point considerations, and customer journey stages. Voyado’s platform facilitates deep personalization by leveraging customer data, including purchase history and website interactions. For instance, brands like Love Stories and Nudie Jeans have successfully utilized Voyado’s platform for personalized customer engagement.

Innovations in Loyalty Programs

Voyado’s approach to loyalty transcends traditional points-based systems. The platform encourages brands to align loyalty mechanisms with their brand values, ranging from transactional benefits to exclusive access and gamification. For example, Nudie Jeans offers a unique loyalty program centered around sustainability, providing customers with free repairs and encouraging long-term brand loyalty.

Membership Programs and Customer Engagement

Voyado supports membership programs, which are seamlessly integrated with other aspects of its platform, such as email marketing and SMS. This integration allows for sophisticated campaign strategies where loyalty and membership data influence customer communication flows. By Marin Berger, a Danish luxury brand, exemplifies this approach by using membership data to segment and target their marketing efforts effectively.

Voyado’s Unique Position in Retail Marketing

What sets Voyado apart is its deep integration of loyalty and membership features within its marketing automation platform. This integration allows for a unified approach to customer engagement, where loyalty and purchase behaviors directly inform marketing strategies. Brands like Jigsaw, Belstaff, and Nudie Jeans showcase the diverse and innovative ways Voyado’s platform can be leveraged for retail success.


Voyado’s marketing automation platform represents a significant advancement in how retailers can engage with their customers. Its focus on multi-channel marketing, personalized promotions, and innovative loyalty programs makes it a valuable tool for retailers aiming to enhance their digital presence and customer engagement strategies.

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