The e-commerce sector is witnessing a significant shift towards headless commerce, offering enhanced flexibility and customer experiences. This blog delves into the insights shared by Vita from Ascot and Jonathan from Made People, exploring the journey towards adopting a headless e-commerce technology stack.

Embracing Headless Commerce: A Strategic Move

Ascot, a direct-to-consumer brand, along with its tech partner, Made People, embarked on a journey towards headless commerce in 2019. The primary driver for this transition was the need for scalability and the ability to offer rich content experiences on their e-commerce platform.

The Role of Centra in Ascot’s Tech Stack

Centra, a platform built for global e-commerce, emerged as the ideal choice for Ascot’s requirements. Jonathan from Made People highlighted the importance of having a back-end that enables a focus on front-end user experiences. Centra’s compatibility with Scandinavian fashion brands and its comprehensive features made it a fitting choice for Ascot.

The Power of Storyblok and Akeneo

Ascot’s journey further involved integrating Storyblok for content management and Akeneo for Product Information Management (PIM). Storyblok’s visual editor allowed Ascot to create diverse and dynamic content, while Akeneo provided a structured and quality-driven approach to managing extensive product data.

Data Mirroring and Performance Optimization

A critical aspect of Ascot’s headless architecture is data mirroring. By mirroring data directly where the front end lives, Ascot achieved high performance and quick content updates. This approach enabled seamless integration of product, market, and customer data, enhancing the overall e-commerce experience.

Leveraging Data for Strategic Insights

Ascot’s use of Tableau and Segment for data analysis and customer data platform (CDP) functionalities has been pivotal. Segment’s integration with various marketing platforms streamlined Ascot’s marketing efforts, while Tableau enabled comprehensive reporting and data analysis.

Ascot’s Unique Data Approach

Ascot’s innovative approach to data management involves unifying customer data across various events and platforms. The use of an anonymized user ID enables them to stitch together customer journeys, providing a more holistic view of customer interactions and preferences.

Future Outlook and Excitement for Centra

Made People’s enthusiasm for Centra’s roadmap, with upcoming features and enhancements, reflects the ongoing evolution in the headless commerce space. The anticipation for new functionalities that align with client needs underscores the continuous growth and adaptability of headless e-commerce platforms.


Ascot’s transition to a headless e-commerce architecture, with the help of Made People, demonstrates the significant advantages of this approach. The combination of Centra, Storyblok, and Akeneo, complemented by strategic data management, has positioned Ascot at the forefront of delivering exceptional online shopping experiences. This journey highlights the growing importance of flexibility, scalability, and data-driven decision-making in the ever-evolving world of e-commerce.

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