The realm of e-commerce is witnessing a seismic shift with the advent of generative AI in content personalization. While product recommendations have been the traditional focus, the scope of personalization is now expanding to encompass a more holistic approach. We delve into this fascinating topic with insights from Josh Scon, Co-Founder and CTO at Personify, a pioneer in AI-driven e-commerce personalization.

Understanding Generative AI in E-commerce

Generative AI has transformed from being a nascent technology to a vital tool in e-commerce personalization. It’s not just about recommending products anymore but understanding the nuances of customer behavior to tailor the entire shopping experience. Personify, under Josh’s leadership, employs advanced AI to decipher user behavior patterns, aiding retailers in crafting more engaging and personalized user experiences.

The Art of Personalization Beyond Products

The key to effective e-commerce personalization lies in comprehending the context of each visit. A customer browsing for a wedding outfit has different needs compared to someone replacing a torn pair of jeans. Personify’s technology excels in distinguishing these subtleties, allowing for customization not just in product recommendations but also in content, layout, and overall website engagement.

Navigating the R&D Landscape in Generative AI

Personify’s R&D focuses on identifying behavioral patterns and mapping them to relevant content. This approach not only enhances content relevance but also identifies gaps where users aren’t being effectively engaged. The integration of generative AI in content creation fills these gaps, tailoring content like banners and copy to individual user preferences.

Starting Small with Content Personalization

Embarking on content personalization doesn’t necessitate a massive initial investment. Starting small and scaling up is a viable approach. Repurposing existing content to target major traffic segments can yield immediate improvements in engagement metrics like bounce rate and retention.

Segmentation and Targeting: The Personify Approach

Personify’s platform segments user behaviors to provide targeted content and product suggestions. This segmentation is dynamic, constantly adapting to shifting consumer behaviors and preferences. The focus is on identifying the underlying reasons behind shopping patterns, thereby enabling a more accurate and relevant personalization strategy.

The Role of Propensity to Buy Scoring

Propensity to buy scoring is a crucial feature in Personify’s arsenal. It assesses the likelihood of a user making a purchase based on their current behavior and journey stage. This intelligent scoring system enables retailers to make informed decisions on which content or offers to present to a user, maximizing the chances of conversion.

Integration with Existing CMS and Workflows

Personify seamlessly integrates with existing content management systems (CMS), enhancing them with its AI-driven insights. For instance, its integration with Amplience allows for targeted content creation based on user behavior, fitting effortlessly into existing content workflows.

Measuring the Impact of AI-driven Personalization

Quantifying the impact of AI-driven content personalization can be challenging. Personify suggests an AB testing approach to compare the effectiveness of AI-generated content against traditional methods. Monitoring long-term customer engagement metrics is key to understanding the true impact of personalization efforts.

Ideal Verticals and Client Success Stories

Personify’s technology is not confined to any specific e-commerce vertical. It thrives in environments where there’s a blend of rich content and detailed product information. A prime example is Moon Audio, which leverages Personify to cater to diverse customer segments – from luxury audio enthusiasts to technical buyers.


Generative AI is reshaping the landscape of e-commerce personalization. It’s not just about automating content creation but understanding and responding to the unique needs of each customer. As e-commerce continues to evolve, technologies like Personify are at the forefront, driving a more personalized, engaging, and successful online shopping experience.

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