In the dynamic world of e-commerce, the impact of viral marketing can be transformative. A prime example of this is Roman Originals, a UK-based ladies’ wear retailer, which experienced a phenomenal surge in sales due to a single product going viral. This blog post delves into this intriguing story and explores how Roman Originals leveraged technology to accommodate its explosive growth.

The Viral Dress that Broke the Internet

In 2015, a seemingly ordinary dress from Roman Originals unexpectedly became an international meme. Dubbed as the “Blue and Black Dress,” it sparked a global debate over its colour due to a photograph’s lighting. This phenomenon transcended languages and cultures, leading to an exponential increase in the retailer’s online traffic and sales.

Statistics That Speak Volumes

Adapting to Rapid Growth

The viral incident was a wake-up call for Roman Originals, emphasizing the need for scalable and agile e-commerce solutions. This led to a partnership with Remarkable Commerce, a platform known for its customizable and flexible solutions.

Key Challenges and Strategic Responses

The Role of Remarkable Commerce

Remarkable Commerce played a pivotal role in Roman Originals’ adaptation to its newfound online popularity. The platform’s unique selling points include:

Future Focus: Operational Efficiency and Personalization

Roman Originals continues to focus on enhancing its operational efficiency and exploring personalization strategies. Key areas include:


The story of the viral dress is not just about a fleeting internet sensation. It highlights the importance of responsive and scalable e-commerce technology in today’s fast-paced retail environment. Roman Originals’ journey from a viral phenomenon to a tech-savvy online retailer sets an example for businesses to remain adaptable and forward-thinking.

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