The world of e-commerce is rapidly evolving, with businesses continually seeking innovative ways to expand their assortment, reduce inventory risks, and enhance customer experiences. A key strategy emerging in this landscape is supplier enablement, especially in the realms of drop shipping and marketplace commerce. This blog post delves into the challenges and solutions offered by supplier enablement platforms, drawing insights from industry experts.

1. Understanding Supplier Enablement

Supplier enablement is a relatively new but increasingly important concept in e-commerce. It encompasses the tools and processes that facilitate efficient collaboration between retailers and their suppliers. This process includes onboarding suppliers, integrating systems, and managing ongoing transactions. The goal is to streamline operations and reduce the barriers to B2B trade.

2. The Challenges of Traditional Onboarding

Traditionally, onboarding suppliers for marketplace or drop shipping models can be a lengthy process, often taking two to three months. This delay is usually due to challenges in integrating different systems, legal contracting, and operational setups. Inefficient product data management further complicates the process, leading to delays and operational difficulties.

3. Convictional: A Solution for Modern Retailers

Convictional, a supplier enablement platform, addresses these challenges by reducing the onboarding time to an average of 4.4 days. This efficiency is achieved through an innovative approach that bridges various e-commerce platforms, streamlines data flow, and simplifies legal processes. The platform acts as a ‘betweenware,’ facilitating communication and transactions between different company systems.

4. Building a Business Case for Marketplace and Drop Shipping Models

For retailers considering marketplace or drop shipping models, understanding their customer base and traffic are crucial. The decision should align with the retailer’s promise to its customers – whether that’s wide selection, curated experience, or fast shipping. Convictional helps in evaluating these models by providing insights into revenue recording methods, pricing control, and assortment expansion opportunities.

5. The Future of EDI and Supplier Enablement

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), the traditional standard for B2B trade, is evolving. Convictional is pioneering in this space by acting as a neutral facilitator, enabling modern e-commerce platforms to communicate effectively with traditional EDI systems. This approach opens up new opportunities for retailers to expand their supplier base without being constrained by legacy systems.


Supplier enablement is transforming the e-commerce landscape by enabling retailers to adopt flexible business models like marketplace and drop shipping more efficiently. Platforms like Convictional are at the forefront of this change, offering solutions that significantly reduce onboarding time and streamline supplier collaboration. As e-commerce continues to evolve, supplier enablement will play a crucial role in helping retailers adapt to changing market dynamics and customer expectations.

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