What is Adobe Sensei – Understanding the Basics

Adobe Sensei is Adobe’s in-house AI (Artificial Intelligence) and ML (Machine Learning) platform that provides a range of robust features across Adobe’s product array. It is used for product recommendations on Adobe Commerce to target audience and enhance eCommerce operations and sales with the power of AI technologies.

Adobe Sensei is used by the following product suites:

  • Adobe Experience Cloud – Adobe Sensei features like predictive analytics, ad spends targeting, analytics, and personalised customer journeys and recommendations all use the advanced AI/ML engine to get better results.
  • Adobe Creative Cloud – Sensei AI can be used for Photoshop, Illustrator, and Premiere to modify photos, videos, and other media – and for enhanced search capabilities.
  • Adobe Document Cloud – As part of Adobe Document Cloud, Adobe Sensei uses computer science fictions to get better scanning accuracy, simplifies form filling, and signing documents the online process.
How Does Adobe Sensei Integrate with Adobe Commerce (Magento)?

Adobe Sensei supported on the Adobe Commerce platform is the AI engine used to power a variety of different product recommendations to up-sell and cross-sell customers.

  • Shopper-based recommendations – With past user behaviour and similar shoppers’ information, Adobe Sensei develops custom-tailored recommendations using various pieces of content for individual shoppers i.e “Recommendations for you”. This kind of target marketing leads to superior conversion rates and higher average order value (AOV).
  • Item-based recommendations – Item-based personalised recommendations include “Viewed this, Viewed that,” “Viewed this, Bought that” and “Bought this, Bought that” recommendations to attract customers with similar or better items based on past customer behaviour.
  • Similarity-based content creation– Adobe Sensei provides a “More like this” recommendation to suggest similar products on your Adobe Commerce store, providing customers with more options on the item they’re currently looking for resulting in great customer experience cx.
  • Contextual popularity-based – These include “Most viewed,” “Trending,” “Most purchased” and “Most added to cart,” recommendations allowing you to draw your customer’s attention to your most popular products.
Benefits Adobe Sensei brings to your store.
  1. Creatives

Adobe Sensei supports Creatives packed with applications such as Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, and Premiere Pro that are less time-consuming, more engaging, simple, and most importantly, efficient.

  1. Adobe Sensei for Data Analysts

Using Adobe Sensei, data analysts can get a more comprehensive view of their customers to optimise and scale experiences using real-time intelligence factors, predict shopper behaviour based on known attributes, customer interactions and understand differences for their next marketing campaigns.

Adobe Sensei enables marketers to create experiences and get customised spend recommendations and pinpoint insights with ready-to-use prediction tools.

Adobe Sensei provides Anomaly Detection to identify noise fluctuations. It also assists to finds similarities automatically in existing segments, which allows you to optimise your return on investment. Propensity Scoring powered by Adobe Sensei helps to group users according to their propensity to reach the preferred action.

  1. Adobe Sensei for Marketing

Adobe Advertising Cloud Search is the podium for search marketing management across all aspects of your campaign. Adobe Sensei’s AI and machine learning capabilities offer key features like performance forecasting, spend recommendations, and performance optimisation that help in higher conversions.

  1. Performance Forecasting

Adobe Sensei predicts what you can expect before you spend on campaigns. Performance Forecasting provides access to detailed data so you can also set out specific parameters to optimise your strategies. AI deeply studies past data collection and customer intelligence to forecast future performance.

  1. Spend Recommendations

Spend recommendations empowered by Adobe Sensei guides you to know how much money you must spend on your campaigns to achieve your goals. Through predictive modelling, Spend Recommendations also calculates the optimal return point for each bid unit.

  1. Performance Optimisation

With Adobe Sensei and the power of AI and machine learning, advertisers can optimise any type of conversion goal more easily and faster. You can automatically get performance forecasts with transparent models, recommendations on budget allocations, and optimisation of your keyword bids across all campaigns, and much more. Basically, Adobe Sensei lets nearly all market segments plan and execute campaigns with super confidence like never before.

  1. Adobe Sensei for Magento 2

Product Recommendations powered by Adobe Sensei exclusively to Magento Commerce automatically studies shopper’s behaviour and produces high-quality recommendations with no manual support. Without a developer, Adobe Sensei allows you to craft, manage and generate product recommendations directly from the Magento Admin panel.

Role of AI in eCommerce powered by Adobe Commerce

Some popular applications of AI in eCommerce include:

  1. Automation.

A/B testing method can be launched automatically without human interference. Tasks can be completed within specific times, such as ordering more items if inventory falls below a predetermined number, and reminder emails can be sent out to customers who abandoned their carts.

  • Product Optimising.

Some AI applications can predetermine when optimisation may benefit a website. While intelligent machines will do most of the work, designers will be the strategists for optimisation of work.

  • Machine learning.

In machine learning technology, the machines act without programming from manual process by examining past experiences. Once experienced, they can accurately predict future trends, such as buying habits of specific consumers.

  • Chatbots.

The AI-powered chatbots, equipped with machine learning capabilities allow customers to get immediate answers 24/7, without having real humans respond to their queries.

  • Voice recognition.

Alexa and Siri are the best examples of AI-powered digital assistants who listen to vocal commands and can execute tasks like order products, play music, basic problem solving, or Google a specific question.

  • Improve user engagement.

With AI research, developers can find out what kind of mobile apps users require and how they can work on their apps to encourage more interactions.

  • Create personalised experiences.

AI uses the customer base to can develop personalised shopping journeys based on customer behaviours, past actions, which product or service they checked, and much more.

  • Foster deep-rooted connections.

Instead of a ‘one size fits all’ approach, using various pieces of content, AI lets you build a personal connection with your customers wherever they are, whatever they want, and whenever they want to interact with you.

  • Make better decisions.

It can be overwhelming to look at an enormous amount of data and come to the best conclusion about what steps to take for your next marketing strategy. AI development simplifies the process of analysing the enormous amount of customer base data for you and drawing conclusions in a way that allows you to make the right decisions.

AI services by Adobe Sensei

AI services, powered by Adobe Sensei, give marketers good customer experience making it easy for anyone to predict customer behaviour, measure the impact of the campaign, or ensure the highest return on each investment of marketing strategy.

  • Intelligently predict customer behaviour with customer data and content intelligence in Experience Platform’s real-time profile.
  • Deliver experiences tailored to their preferences confidently.
  • Confidently recognise how each customer interaction impacts conversion or other business revenue.
  • Make smarter investments and know the marketing activities that give you the best ROI.

In short, Adobe Sensei is across all of Adobe’s offerings and is growing the accessibility of AI. Adobe Sensei inculcates digital experiences with the power of AI by helping solve some of today’s biggest digital experience challenges and is perfect for Creatives, marketers, and analysts. Adobe Sensei will help streamline your processes for your big and small businesses if you are working with Adobe Analytics, Engagement Cloud, and other platforms within the Adobe network.



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