Assisted Shopping on Adobe Commerce

Statistics state that people spend almost 70% more while doing in-store shopping than they do online. The reason is the dedicated retail clerks who initiate conversations with each customer, understand his needs and based on his insights tailor his shopping orders. Contrary, online stores have limited navigation bars, search options, and promotional offers. But not anymore. Thanks to the Assisted Shopping exclusive feature on Adobe Commerce.

Sometimes few customers require assistance to complete a purchase. While many customers prefer to shop online, they still like to place shopping orders over the telephone. This is when you can offer immediate assistance to both guests and customers who have a registered account with your online store.

Businesses and buyers can now effortlessly connect and execute sales through various messaging apps. Voice technology is gaining splendid momentum & text messaging has now turned sophisticated.

What is ‘Assisted Shopping’? 

Assisted Shopping on Adobe Commerce allows store traders to raise questions, understand customer needs, enquire and recommend personalised and popular products. These special touch-points that provide human contact to customers give them the confidence and expertise required to make a purchase.

It is simple, effective, and builds emotional connections that would otherwise be lost. With assisted shopping, stores can now endow an in-store experience to all its visitors, without being on the line 24/7.


  1. Face-to-face personal shopping – encourages viewers to visit specific destinations, add custom overlay text, and show links to your videos.
  2. Instant video messages – escort your audiences to chat with a service representative directly from your store.
  3. Integrates with your eCommerce store – segment customers based on their responses, handle customer service requests, leverage video reviews that you collect, offer home delivery services and much more.
  4. Track conversions and ROI – directly observe and track the impact of your assisted commerce on your conversion metrics.

Benefits of Assisted Shopping on Adobe Commerce   

  • 24/7 Customer Service

Chats and bots act as your extended sales team, providing 24/7 customer care service, and support on the go without disrupting the shopping experience.

  • Simplifies decision making

Influence the visitors and help them make the right choices and reach the right pages with associates and bots that push images, seasonal offers, arrange courier services for sending parcels and various types of content through chats.

  • Creates close connections

Create closeness with One-on-one conversations, a more informal and personal tone and the expertise of an in-store clerk to influence users who are not ready to buy.

  • Picks up a conversation with consumers wherever they left off

Since chats can get linked across all platforms, they enable merchandisers’ to pick up the conversation with consumers wherever they left off instead of relying on techniques such as retargeting.

  • Allows remote shopping assistance

There are times that online shoppers are too busy to go online and place an order, or are not familiar with e-commerce sites but like to order over the telephone. Magento allows remote Shopping Assistance function in Adobe Commerce version with international courier services in sending parcels worldwide.

Adobe Commerce shopping assistance and how it works

Admins can offer immediate assistance to both guests (who haven’t signed up for an account yet) and registered customers.

  1. Manage a Shopping Cart

To commence an assisted shopping session, the customer must first be logged into their account from the storefront to make their information available. If he does not have an account, the admin can create one.

From the shopping cart interface, the admin can select some actions from the drop-down box like add/ remove items or move items to the chosen wish list. He/ she can clear the whole current shopping cart, and update the number of items in each one. Adding selections to the cart and entering an authorised coupon code before checkout is also a privilege for Magento admin.

  1. Create new shopping orders

For the registered customers who need shopping assistance, you can craft an entire shopping order directly from the admin on their behalf. The Create New Order form contains all the information that is required to complete the usual Checkout process, along with activity summaries from the customer’s account dashboard

Follow these steps to do it.

Step 1: Create an Order 

Step 2: Add products to the cart

From the Customer’s Activities sidebar or from Catalog

Step 3: Submit the Order

  1. Update an Order Statuses

Once the shopping order is successfully submitted, the status is set automatically to the pending list and can be edited, placed on hold, or canceled entirely if the payment is not received.Order status is at processing stage after store system receives payment from customers, the invoice is generated and a confirmation email is sent.

When the system authorises an order transaction but has not yet received the payment, the payment action is set to Authorise.For Processing status, you cannot change the ordered substance but can edit the billing & shipping information to collect your parcels at your desired location.

Shopping assistance is a COOL function that works for both customers and store administrators. It reduces purchasing time and permits store owners to offer tech customers with faster assistance. Assisted commerce on Adobe Commerce allows admins to manage the current shopping cart, create new shopping orders, or change orders’ status on behalf of customers.

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