Are you utilising the full potential of your eCommerce store to sell products online?

Is your store stacked with the best eCommerce solutions?

If not then surviving the competition while selling online would require more skill and better eCommerce solutions.

And the best trending tool is an eCommerce marketplace Integration.

What is an eCommerce Marketplace Integration? 

An eCommerce marketplace Integration is an API-based eCommerce tool serving as a 2-way link between a single selling platform and multiple online marketplaces.

It allows retailers to showcase their product listings or product catalogs with various types of online marketplaces such as AmazoneBayWalmart, etc. This tool manages all the key activities involved in selling on eBay, Amazon such as uploading new products, maintaining inventory, tracking orders, managing orders, and much more.

How does an eCommerce Integration Work?

We all know the advantages and disadvantages of online marketplace, lets find out how the marketplace Integration works in a 5-step process:

1.     The tool interacts with the public APIs of the seller’s store on which platform it is built and then the type of marketplace to which the connection establishes.

2.     The eCommerce marketplace integration builds a secure connection between the Inventory and Store by updating live figures of the stock levels on the store and the connected marketplaces.

3.     The eCommerce marketplace integration automatically transfers the data that includes the product and services, with its price, description, images, and quantity from the store to the marketplace. 

4.     Product listing and real-time synchronisation of figures and statistics between all platforms.

5.     Acts as a centralised platform to manage everything a marketplace offers from acceptance to fulfilment of orders.

 Features of an eCommerce Marketplace Integration

The eCommerce marketplace integration has all the necessary and latest features required to sell on 3rd party marketplaces.

·      It gives the most efficient eCommerce centralised dashboard with a single unified view of reports, inventory figures, new orders received, shipment of those orders, making product changes, etc. It tracks records of top-selling products on the marketplace, last orders, orders summary, lifetime sales, and much more all from one dashboard.

·      It establishes real-time communication between the connected platforms and real-time updates of Inventory, Orders, and Product Details

·      Its unique feature of automated crons helps to eliminate manual errors, improves the speed of data exchange between multiple platforms, and removes the hassles of performing the same functions repeatedly. 

·      It helps in bulk management and upload of 100s and thousands of your store products to the marketplaces in Just one single click.

·      It assists with Centralised Order Management from multiple marketplaces to perform all sorts of order-related operations like accept, reject, ship, or delete orders from one centralised location.

·      The Integration allows easy management of multiple seller accounts associated with the same marketplace accounts simultaneously based in different countries.

·      This integration comes with an automated shipment and tracking feature and coordinates with the top shipment carriers to ensure timely delivery to the customer’s doorsteps.

·      Automated Live Notifications feature helps to stay updated on the activities occurring in your store and also lets the Amazon sellers and eBay sellers be aware of any new or rejected orders, low inventory figures, target customers, and more.

 Benefits of Marketplace Integration Extension

·      Reduces manual selling process by automating the entire workflow including activities such as product upload, order management, figure updates, etc.

·      The flow of data between the platforms is fast and secure since the API developments of all the platforms are connected in real-time. 

·      Saves human time and efforts of sales team.

·      No need to switch between platforms as all the activities can be managed at a single centralised dashboard.

·      Increases your product visibility with easy product listing on multiple platforms giving you the freedom to connect your store with multiple marketplaces.

 ·      Allows you to beat the competition on marketplaces easily by repricing the product based on various criteria whenever required.

·      Improves SEO by allowing your products to rank at the top of search results. 

·      Allows you showcase your product on multiple platforms; thus, your business reaches huge audiences across the globe.

The most popular eCommerce Integrations

247 CloudHub -The Smart Multichannel eCommerce Solution

amazon fbaIntroducing 247 CloudHub, a flexible multichannel eCommerce platform with a customisable framework that empowers us to tailor eCommerce solutions to meet individual complex requirements.

Specially designed for multichannel sellers, retailers and wholesalers, it permits clients to expand into popular marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, and OnBuy.

Our SaaS software solution integrates easily and seamlessly with major eCommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, and BigCommerce bringing your entire online sales process together and automating core tasks from inventory management to product listing to payment processing and shipping along with omnichannel and multichannel marketing.

Benefits of 247 CloudHub

  •  Helps retailers to easily integrate their eCommerce stores into online marketplaces, such as eBay and Amazon
  • Sync, edit, update and fulfil all of your orders across several online marketplaces
  • Easy multi-channel listings
  • Total control over pricing across multiple channels
  • Automate key order management processes
  • Simplify international selling and order fulfilment
  • Powerful reporting features with bespoke filtering tools to facilitate fast, accurate decision-making
  • Automated Delivery Systems with cutting-edge shipping solutions enabling retailers to streamline the shipping process
  • Easy and accurate Inventory Management and update in real-time on eCommerce websites and up to 12 marketplaces in 22 countries
  • Expansion Into New popular Marketplaces o help you sell more.
  • Secure and automated Payment Processing and refund processes for multiple payment gateways.
  • Our intelligent repricing tool based on a proprietary algorithm enables you to capture more Amazon Buy Box, Best Offer, and high visibility positions at the highest possible prices by applying pricing rules at a product level, thus increasing your Amazon sales and profits.

Final thoughts:

eCommerce is ever evolving and with customers not sticking to a single platform, an automated tool like an eCommerce Integration with the top marketplaces is the right call that gives you the ability to catch your potential customers wherever they are.

If you are looking at which platform to choose for selling products online, then Magento is the best option.



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