It’s time for Christmas bells anytime soon. The sales potential for Christmas products this year is enormous; whether you are searching for Christmas shopping items for yourself, your spouse, your family member, or the kids, there is always something for everyone during the Christmas holiday season. 

Some eCommerce statistics on UK buyers from last Christmas 

Both Christmas and New Year are typically peak times that motivate consumers to buy gifts, Christmas home decor, jewellery, candles, and many other Christmas items to celebrate the holiday season merrily with their loved ones.

Check out some of the most important statistics and Google trends observed in the UK, to help retailers and eCommerce merchants understand the best selling seasonal items during Christmas: 

  • In the UK, Generation X did the highest Christmas shopping with an average of £576 per person in 2020
  • While 47.4% of women wanted to get jewellery for Christmas, 32.3% of men wanted gift vouchers (Dautovic, 2021)
  • On average, $205 was spent by consumers on Christmas decorations in 2020 
  • 68% of consumers showed interest in emails sent by companies during the holiday season
  • 47% of shoppers prioritised free shipping during the Christmas holiday season
  •  According to Deloitte, the most appealing offers impacting customer purchasing decisions were price discounts (74%) and free shipping (72%) 

Now let’s explore top selling items for Christmas 2022 in the UK

  • Clothing

Most Gen Z, millennials and kids look forward earnestly to change their wardrobe to the latest fashion trends during Christmas and the start of the new year making clothing one of the best selling products on amazon UK 2022. Good social media and influencer marketing can work wonders here.

  • Video Games

The sale of video gadgets increases rapidly during the Christmas season as most kids love video games. Thus, this year, there will be all sorts of video games at many UK online stores along with the newly announced PlayStation 5, Xbox, Nintendo Switch, and others.

  • Electronics

Many brands will have the upgraded versions of TV sets, laptops, smartphones, and other electronics types to snap up during the Christmas sales at a discount or with a gift card being the most trending products to sell online.

  • Kitchen Appliances

Nearly all kitchen items will be in high demand in the Christmas holiday season, including the right cutlery, plates, and serving platters as they are one of the best things to receive during Christmas.

  • Cosmetics and beauty products

Cosmetics like makeup kits or plant based organic beauty and hair products sell faster during the Christmas and New year period because every lady wants to look the best. 

  • Toys

Toys are always the favourites of kids. And so it becomes the ideal Christmas gift option for children.

  • Mobile devices and accessories

A lot of options of mobile devices and accessories are available with the latest version to pick from during the Christmas shopping season, making them great product categories this year.

  • Bags

The Christmas seasons are ideal for vacation. And a traveller’s best friend during vacation is his bags. From travelling suitcases to backpacks, you will find many options to choose from during the Christmas sales in the UK. 

  • Shoes & Handbags

Sandals and handbags are among the viral selling products both online and offline during Christmas in the UK or anywhere else.

  • Christmas Decorations

From an inflatable Santa to a snow globe, holiday lights to home décor and seasonal candles, wrapping paper, tissue paper to stocking fillers and ribbons, all will be in high demand.

  • Giftable items

Since Christmas is all about giving great gifts, a giftable product is a clear winner as it will be among the most bought items in December. Some good examples of giftable type of products are jewellery, candles, handbags, games, toys, gadgets, and books.

  • Personalised gift items

Selling a product that can be personalised works wonders during the Christmas holiday season, like adding customised texts, photos, or colours to the product.

Some products that did particularly well online in the past Christmas seasons

  • Kids Christmas tree set

Kids usually love decorating the Christmas tree. So, it’s the best online Christmas purchase.

  • Christmas rolling pin with shapers

A Christmas-themed rolling pin with fantastic shapes for baking some delicious Christmas-themed cookies is a great way to spend some quality time with the family during Christmas.

  • Dragon waterfall incense burner

This gift item worked very well for festive gifting to a spiritual person who loves meditation, peacefulness, or yoga! When a visitor adds some extra incense cones to this item, it will increase your average order value (AOV) and your profits!

  • Christmas tree pet bed

A Christmas tree pet bed for your dog or cat looks fantastic when kept next to the Christmas tree. Pet products will be among top trending products this season.

  • Wrapping paper cutter

As per Sell The Trend, this product saw a massive order spike just before Christmas last year.

Ho Ho Ho

  • Portable pet water bottle

This product received steady orders adding up to almost $100k in total sales proving it’s a winning product for the pet niche target audience. 

  • Dog Santa Claus outfit

It’s a great product to sell online during the Christmas season both the dog owners or the people looking for a gift will want to buy it.

  • Lazy cat slippers

The funny-looking lazy cat slippers sold surprisingly well in 2021, amounting to a revenue of $2.3k during the last two weeks.



If you decide to sell well online and make highly profitable sales during Christmas season, remember to try and stay unique. Be unique to differentiate yourself from your competitors and enjoy the best chances of succeeding!

Remember that the period during and after Christmas is the best time for shoppers around the world for online eCommerce store owners. So, good luck retailers, with our online best selling Christmas items recommendations, make the most for your online business this Christmas.


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