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eCommerce or online shopping is one of the biggest businesses around the world with millions spent on internet trading every year. In 2019, eCommerce sales value worldwide had reached$3.535 trillion proving that the global eCommerce industry is enormous and its size has been growing by every coming year. 

The internet boom has created vast e-commerce job vacancies in India. eCommerce companies in India are many and mainly divided into sectors such as travel, retail, pharmacy, and local consumer goods. The ever-changing consumer behaviour has led to increasing jobs demand for market research analysts. Additionally, jobs for UI/UX developers, interactive designers, content writers, logistics managers, SEO developers, market research analysts, and graphic designers are also in demand. 


In 2019, eCommerce sales value worldwide had reached $3.535 trillion proving that the global eCommerce industry is enormous and its size has been growing every year.


Why are eCommerce jobs trending Right Now? 

1. eCommerce market has a fantastic long-term global growth outlook that has sustained growth over the years. 

2. eCommerce gives superior user experience for customers. 

3. eCommerce jobs are, by nature, multi-faceted and expose you to various aspects of a business. 

4. Faster Learning opportunities by instant feedback. 




19 Hottest Jobs in eCommerce domain 

The fastest growing eCommerce sector has resulted in numerous job opportunities within it.  eCommerce includes three diverse, but interdependent career options: market research analyst, Web developer and computer systems analyst. Grab the hottest 15 examples of eCommerce jobs out there waiting for you.   

1. Entry-level jobs in eCommerce. 

·         Internships 

Internships are a great way to get a foot in the door of an eCommerce business. The beauty of being an intern is you can prove your worth to a company without much prior experience and you’ll gather loads of valuable experience. 

·         Customer service representative 

Customer service representative jobs at eCommerce are the most fundamental. These frontline workers handle orders, answer customer queries and at times deal with inbound sales over the phone. 

·         Marketing specialist 

Marketing specialists are a very essential part of eCommerce as they track and understand prevailing market trends.  

·       SEO content writer 

The search engine is king in the online world. SEO content writer is essential for vaulting a site up the search engine results pages and get plenty of traffic for its pages. 

·         Warehouse employees 

Warehouse personnel are essential for picking the items needed for each order, packing them, and ensuring they are delivered from the warehouse on time. 

·         Administrative assistant 

An eCommerce business generates a lot of admin operation jobs that includes handling supplier payments, handling accounts and more such paperwork for the organisation. 

·             Retention specialist 

Maintaining a customer base is critical to any business and a retention specialist works to keep customers loyal to a brand, in whatever way they can with help of eBooks of customer feedback. 

The imagery visual niche used on an eCommerce website or in marketing materials plays a major role in attracting customers.

2. Experienced-level jobs in eCommerce. 

·         User experience designer 

A user experience (UX) designer is the contact between customers and a brand’s services – i.e., their website or apps. A UX designer is liable for tailoring the site for its audience. 

·         Community builder 

All businesses need loyal customers who keep coming back for more. To boost loyalty you need to create a community around your eCommerce brand.  

·         Developer 

Website and software developers are two main types of developers who work for eCommerce businesses. While the role of the former is self-explanatory, the latter are tasked with building specialist databases or apps. 

·         IT Technician 

The more complex or extensive the IT infrastructure, the more crucial technical support gets. And the IT technician is responsible of providing the very important technical support.  

·         Business analyst 

A business analyst analyses the data generated by an eCommerce company and then report back to eCommerce managers, project managers, and others about what is and isn’t working for the business. 

·         Graphic designer 

The imagery visual niche used on an eCommerce website or in marketing materials plays a major role in attracting customers. They handle designing of a new homepage or drafting images for new products.  

3. eCommerce Management level jobs. 

·         Supply chain manager 

Ensuring smooth supply chain is essential for any eCommerce brand to succeed. A supply chain manager has ultimate responsibility which includes relationships with suppliers, inventory management, deliveries, and reverse logistics along with managing company’s warehouse personnel.  

·         Digital operations manager 

A digital operations manager just like a project manager encompasses all the firm’s digital activities like website maintenance, SEO, email marketing, and more.  

·         Digital marketing manager 

A digital marketing manager is a more specialised one and in charge of all online promotion of a brand. They use tools like Google Analytics and manage the SEO content writers and community builders. 

·         Customer satisfaction manager 

A dedicated customer satisfaction manager must keep an overview of its customers to improve user experience. They also play a crucial part in tech decisions related to customer service executives.  

·         Financial manager 

In eCommerce, money management is most important. A financial manager has highest control over a firm’s finances and look after budgets, expenditure, payroll, and more. 

·         eCommerce Director 

The Pioneer. The head honcho. The director of eCommerce is in charge of all a firm’s online shopping operations. Every previous manager and all other eCommerce project managers report to them.  

The following chart gives an overview of requirement to enter each field. 





Degree Required 

Bachelor’s degree 

Bachelor’s degree 

Bachelor’s degree 

Education Field of Study 

Marketing, statistics 

Multimedia design, HTML 

Computer science 

Key Responsibilities 

Track market trends and visitor use 

Design websites 

Maintain websites 

Job Growth (2020-2030) 




Annual Median Salary (2020) 




Source: *U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 


 What qualifications and skills do you need to work in eCommerce? 

·         basic understanding of eCommerce retail and how it works 

·         knowledge of what drives internet traffic and SEO 

·         commercial understandings and general business sense 

·         ability to adapt to new technologies and inventions 

·         IT/computer skills. Software development, web development, and web designing knowledge will be useful 

·         creative elegance in web design, content creation, and marketing field 

·         numerical and analytical skills for UX, SEO, buying, merchandising, and logistics departments 

·         Customer service skills and dedication.  




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