Cloudhub Enterprise

The 247 Cloudhub Enterprise Ecommerce Platform

You’ve got to a stage where your getting 100+ orders a day and you’ve gone as far as the basic CloudHub Lite modules can take you. You now have multiple staff members, your warehouse is getting a bit more complicated to manage, suppliers are getting more.

Multichannel System Configuration

Set up all of your ecommerce channels to work in perfect harmony on one master platform. Integrate with ERP, courier and payment gateway systems and marketplace accounts, and customize automation workflows to the needs of your business.

  • Manage user permissions and settings
  • Integrate with branded website(s)
  • Set up shipping and payment gateways
  • Establish courier assignment rules
  • Add marketplace accounts
  • Optimize marketplace profiles
  • Set up order workflows

Secure Payment Processing

247 CLOUDHUB FEATURES Even more incredible features for ambitious sellers with plans to grow quickly and efficiently Payment gateway integrations are a core part of our development offering. Process all your payments safely and securely with a state-of-theart solution that easily integrates with the world’s top payment processors, like WorldPay, PayPal and Ayden.

  • Automated payment and refund processes
  • Support for multiple payment gateways
  • Accept most major credit and debit cards worldwide
  • Multi-currency conversion management
  • Single interface for all payment and reporting data

Simplified Order Fulfilment

247 CLOUDHUB FEATURES Powerful tools enabling merchants to focus on growth Simplify selling by managing all order fulfilment processes through a single centralised platform designed especially for multichannel operators. Free up time while reducing administrative errors by automating all your order workflows and eliminating repetitive order management tasks.

  • Sort orders easily and automatically distribute tracking confirmations to customers.
  • Generate picking lists, invoices, shipping labels and end of day manifests automatically for couriers to fulfil orders from all sales channels at the touch of a button

Expansion Into New Marketplaces

Expand your reach by integrating your systems and channels with the most popular marketplaces. Our software helps you seamlessly list, manage and optimise your product catalogue, with dramatically simplified bulk listings and opportunities to replicate listings across multiple marketplaces in one click.

  • Quick and efficient listing on multiple marketplaces
  • Check for matching errors when uploading
  • Match products to Amazon’s catalogue
  • Listing status monitor
  • View common inventory
  • Inventory, products and pricing in perfect sync
  • Orders properly organised for despatch

Automated Delivery Systems

Integrate your ecommerce systems with as few or as many delivery services as your business requires. 247 CloudHub gives you all the tools you’ll need to ensure your deliveries are fast, efficient and cost-effective. 247 CloudHub provides cutting-edge shipping solutions, with an intelligent, multi-carrier platform enabling retailers to streamline the shipping process.

  • Multi-carrier integration from CloudHub admin
  • Dynamic shipping rates calculations using shipping rules
  • Functionality helps lower shipping and operational costs
  • Ship from multiple locations or warehouses
  • Quote, book and generate shipping labels with chosen carrier service
  • Automation features to help streamline fulfilment from multiple locations and create new, customer-focused omnichannel experiences

Management Reports And Analytics

Robust reporting features enable you to track dozens of performance metrics. Bespoke dashboards aggregate important data for you, and a suite of automated reports give you all the insights you’ll need to operate your ecommerce business profitably.

  • View sales by item/customer/marketplace
  • Analyse shipping costs
  • Review product performance
  • Identify best sellers and most profitable product lines
  • Export performance data for analysis