Product Re-Pricing Status

Amazon Re-Pricing Inventory Screen

This is a summary screen listing all inventory available for re-pricing. It is possible to search for an item by keyword in its title, SKU or ASIN by using the search box in the top right hand side of the screen.

Click here to open Product Re-Pricing Status page.

Items can also be selected for deletion by clicking the “Remove” button. This will delete all data held in Compete and stop the ASIN deleted from being re-priced on Amazon for the specific account it is assigned to. Deleting a product from Compete will not delete the product from Amazon or from Optimise.

The “Amazon Account” drop down lets you toggle between the inventories held in multiple accounts if you have more than one integrated with 247 CloudHub.

In the inventory table the following columns are given:

  • Account Name – your Seller Account Name the ASIN is found on “Seller Account ABC – Germany” for example as per the names given in Configure when creating the Seller Account.
  • SKU – your internal Stock Keeping Unit code.
  • ASIN – the Amazon Standard Identification Number associated with the product on the Amazon catalogue. This is clickable and will take you to the Product Re-Pricing Screen for that specific ASIN (see section 4.4).
  • Title – the item’s title as per the Amazon catalogue.
  • Min price – the minimum price given for a product to be reduced in price to.
  • Max price – the maximum price given for a product to increase in price to.
  • Last Uploaded Price – the last calculated selling price within your Min and Max pricing parameters submitted to Amazon. This does not include shipping costs.
  • Price Change Time – the time the last uploaded price was sent to Amazon for processing. You can keep refreshing your browser screen to view updated information in real time for prices being calculated for updating on Amazon.
  • Competing With – the merchant ID of the seller who you are competing with based on the pricing adjustment made in the last Price Change.
  • Your Price + Shipping – the total landed price of your product submitted to an ASIN on Amazon based on the last upload to Amazon.
  • Competition Price + Shipping – the total landed price of your competitor on an ASIN downloaded from Amazon.